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Jeff Goulden

Jeff Goulden

Edgewood, WA


Nature, Wildlife and Landscape Photography

Photographer Jeff Goulden has combined his 50 year passion for photography and his love of the natural world, creating a portfolio that reveals nature in its pure and simple beauty. Growing up in the Puget Sound region of Washington State has given Jeff the opportunity to pursue hiking, canoeing, backpacking, mountain climbing and other outdoor adventures. His camera has always been an essential piece of equipment for every adventure. Photography is Jeff’s artistic medium with which to share his love of the outdoors.

Jeff retired as a software developer in 2010 and began a second career in writing, fine art and stock photography. He combines his passion for photography and his love of nature with the technical skills developed during his software career.

Jeff received his Bachelors in Business Administration and Information Science from Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma, Washington.

Jeff’s portfolio is represented by two major stock agencies, Getty Images and Istockphoto. His work has appeared in National Geographic, Nature Conservancy, Bird Watchers Digest, Sierra Club, Discovery Channel, National Public Radio, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, and numerous other national, regional and local publications. To see more of Jeff's published work go to Published Work.

Jeff can also be found on Pinterest, Facebook and on Twitter. For an entertaining, informative and sometimes humorous look at Jeff's photography, check out his Photo Blog.


Elephant's Feet Rock Formation


Indian Paintbrush


False Hellebore in the Evening Light


Clark's Nutcracker in a Fir Tree


Large Boulder Deposited by a Glacier in an Alpine Meadow


Weathered Fir Snag Growing on a Boulder


Mountain Goat Kid Standing on a Boulder


Mount Stuart in the Fall


Fall Colors at Redrock Lake


Leopard Lily in Bloom


Upper Grinnell Lake and Glacier


Bighorn Ram


Two Medicine Creek Valley in the Fall


Mount Stuart and Headlight Basin in the Fall


Redrock Falls


Rock Formations in the Eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains


Brown Pelican With White Head Plumage


Rainbow Vista Lit by a Partial Solar Eclipse


Grinnell Falls and Garden Wall


Rocky Mountain Front Range in the Fall


Boulders in Upper Ice Lake


Golden Mantled Ground Squirrel Sitting on a Rock Eating


Golden Mantled Ground Squirrel Close Up


Upper Ice Lake and Surrounding Peaks


White Crowned Sparrow